General Building Contractors

Services: General Building ContractorsAt the center of our company’s structure and core business is that we are “A GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY”. Our reputation over the years has been one of quality workmanship, delivery of projects on-time, and of being a trustworthy organization. We are a versatile organization able to undertake numerous projects simultaneously ranging from renovation projects, to building homes, offices and call centers and everything in between. We aim to provide quality Residential and Commercial construction work. We also offer Project Management services for those clients that want one party to oversee the management, coordination, and implementation of the construction works, and to manage the entire project from inception (design and build). Our services offered are; Residential Construction, Commercial Construction, Demolition, Project Management, Joint Venture Development

Residential Construction

Services: Building RenovationsNew Build
Prime has many years of experience constructing new homes, and always commits to delivering on time and within the budget. Residential homes are one of Prime’s areas of specialty as we have been building homes from the onset of our construction company. We take pride in working closely with the designers (architect and engineers) to make the client’s vision a reality.

​If you are desirous of an upgrade or simply to renovate your home, we have years of experience in this field as we have completed numerous renovation projects over the years. Whether it be a total-home renovation, or you just want to add a guardhouse, or covered garage, we can help you get this done in a timely and cost effective manner.

Commercial Construction

Services: System BuildingNew Build
Over the years, Prime Development has carried out numerous commercial construction projects, both large and small. This ranges from a single guardhouse, or office building, to call centres and hotels. Our experience with commercial projects has certainly grown in recent years with our innovation and expansion into new innovation construction methodologies. We have effectively constructed and delivered block & steel projects, aluminum form-work, single and multi-storey projects, snap-ties single and multi-storey projects, tilt-up buildings and more. As touched on overleaf, Prime has also taken on several projects to build apartment and townhouse complexes. Usually developed by investors, these jobs are built by Prime, and sold by the investor. In some instances, the completed homes are retained by the client. Be it classified as residential or commercial construction, we can execute the construction works to precision, on-time, and within the prescribed budget

Commercial Renovations
Renovations for commercial projects range in size along the full spectrum from remodeling an office bathroom to renovating an entire hotel. Prime has completed renovation works across the island in various capacities whether working as the sole contractor or in conjunction with other companies. As such Prime Development is well versed in reading drawings, and interpreting the intention of the designers to transform the renovated structure to its new form. Prime actively participates in discussions to work out the best methods to achieve the desired finish, and in the end we deliver a completed structure to a satisfied design team, and ultimately the client.

With our experience and large pool of professional subcontractors, Prime Development can undertake and effectively deliver build-out projects to the satisfaction of the client. Whether a client  is desirous of building out an office space that is 600 square feet, or 50,000 square feet, Prime Development can definitely get the job done.


Services: DemolitionDemolition usually makes way for development and as such we have been involved with numerous demolition projects as we remove existing structures to make way for new modern buildings. Equipment is readily available for demolition, and our team with years of demolition know-how and experience are available to remove structures safely and effectively while ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounding areas. We only authorize the legal removal of dump to a government approved dump site.

Project Management

Services: Project ManagementWe offer this as an independent service to assist our clients in organizing, planning, scheduling and implementing the project at hand. Based on our direct experience in construction we provide our clients with a unique perspective and appreciation of all aspects of the project. We will prepare a 'Project Master Plan' which will include all the known tasks involved - from the concept stage, taken through the design stage, approval stage, and finally the implementation and completion stage. We can assist the client in selecting an architect, engineers, and quantity surveyors; negotiate these contracts on behalf of the client and effectively manage the construction phase if necessary.

Joint Venture Developments

Services: Joint Venture DevelopmentsWe are always open to joint ventures in developing commercial and residential properties. Over the years we have played various roles in our joint venture projects including project management, developer and sales agent. Each joint venture is unique and we therefore spend quality time with our clients in defining the roles of each partner, the outcomes and the level of expertise required for the successful completion of the project. We are available to meet and discuss joint venture possibilities with interested clients and are committed to a mutually beneficial partnership.