Our History & Direction

Prime Development Equipment

Our Objective

Prime Development is committed to providing our clients with top quality developments that utilize the best available material which is executed by an efficient, professional and productive team in order to deliver total client satisfaction.

Company Information

Prime Development Limited was founded in January 9, 2001 based on the experience and foresight of Richard Eason Todd.  Richard Todd had over 35 years experience having been involved in projects in Jamaica, Florida and the Cayman Islands and constructed over 2,000 homes in Kingston and St Andrew during his career as both a developer and contractor.  Developments that he completed include Aylsham, Orange Grove, Waterworks, Landscreek, Norbury Mews, Country Club, Briarwood and Oliver Mews. 

Prime Development also took over the construction works from Telret Construction Limited (TCL), which was an associate company that was in operation 1998-2001 and in its own right completed many developments and projects over its tenure.  The Company was therefore built on Richard Todd’s construction know-how and the operational experience of his son Michael Todd and with its current team Prime Development is positioned effectively for growth.  

Today, Prime Development focuses primarily on residential and commercial developments, larger negotiated housing contracts, and commercial tenders/ negotiations.  The company has undertaken and completed numerous projects across Jamaica where we have enjoyed working with many architects both domestic and international, quantity surveyors and a variety of clients. We are always willing to offer our clients and fellow professionals our expertise and advice and always strive to offer the best customer service at all times. With the right project team we have maintained a track record of completing projects on- time and on-budget.

Prime has enjoyed membership with the Incorporated Masterbuilders Association of Jamaica since 2001.

Our Direction Forward

We at Prime strive to be more than just contractors. Project Management is an integral part of the service we provide allowing us to work closely with clients and other project managers in an integrated way to achieve a common goal; or to act as full project managers ourselves, offering the client a turnkey package of project management and construction.

We are currently geared towards putting together total developments where we coordinate some or all of the following aspects of a project: feasibility studies, land acquisition, land surveying services, architectural and engineering designs, quantity surveying services, sales and construction. By performing these functions ourselves, it allows us to partner with landowners and/or investors who are desirous of partaking in housing or commercial developments.

We will continue to tender and negotiate for larger commercial and residential projects, in particular, hotel developments, housing developments and office buildings where the demand for quality construction is high and the need for contractors that complete on time (or ahead of time) is essential.

Construction Methodology

Our construction and development team has gained a wide variety of experience in several types of construction methodologies including: standard block and steel, steel frame buildings, multi-level buildings, and pre-cast concrete buildings. Whichever method of construction chosen our philosophy is to demand accuracy and precision from the outset, during the "rough" work so that a quality end-product is assured. To that end, our trained and qualified technical staff is experienced in following the blueprints and the associated specifications.

We achieve accuracy through a process of continuous quality control, by selecting quality tradesmen and instilling a philosophy of pride in their work whilst promoting a concept of "Accuracy - all the time". We continuously monitor building levels and adherence to drawings using state of the art laser levels and surveying equipment. When the need arises we have a chartered surveyor on call for assisting in technical setting out, and the other critical stages of construction.

Construction Time

We are fully aware that time is of the essence on ALL projects. Our founder, Richard Todd maintained a reputation of completing jobs on or ahead of schedule during his 35 years in the industry and Prime Development is committed to upholding his legacy through the use of a qualified management team and the latest project management tools which is backed by our years of experience and construction "know how".

The Team

Prime Development recognizes that a construction company is only as good as its key staff. For this reason, we pay special attention in putting together a unique team of dedicated staff, specially selected based on the nature of the job at hand and the specialized skills required. More details on our core team.

Total Quality Management

We believe that Total Quality Management (TQM) is a philosophy that we can adopt in the construction industry. By eliminating mistakes before they happen, we increase our efficiency, reduce project costs, and reduce the construction time.

TQM is instilled in our staff from the top down by utilizing on-the-job training and reinforced by involving all members of the team to continuously insist on accuracy and quality on all projects that we are involved with.

We are developing an in-house TQM handbook, which specifically highlights areas where accuracy and quality control are particularly important. This handbook will be made available to all our supervisors and technical support staff.